Did Jesus Affirm Eunuch/Intersexed Identity?

Along with the eunuchs (asexual), the inter-sexed are the only population that could say “I’m born this way.”

Did Jesus Affirm Eunuch/Intersexed Identity?
Photo by Paul Volkmer / Unsplash

This is a guest article by Charles Premkumar Joseph

Intersex is a congenital, biological condition where an individual has ambiguous or indeterminate genitalia, or where there is a discord between a person’s chromosomes and bodily gender. Along with the eunuchs (asexual), the inter-sexed are the only population that could say “I’m born this way.”  Most intersex babies are surgically treated in infancy and the ambiguous and underdeveloped genitalia is repaired with parental consent, and with proper affirmation, reinforcement and care they can live and function as normal males and females. However the ‘sexual revolution’ movement in assuming to be helpful is perhaps causing more confusion and damage to their own in the long run.

Like someone that has a genetic disorder, example, Muscular dystrophy, who recognizes the challenge and resorts to restorative, remedial or rehabilitators medical measures, which is common and mainstream practice, the same approach seldom is seen, encouraged or celebrated when it comes to genetic sexual anomalies! It’s hard to ignore the divergent approaches/mind-sets employed in looking at how disorders that are primarily genetic are engaged with in diabolically different ways.

While it would be grievous to undermine the emotional, social, relational and physical challenges of this specific population (intersex), what is perhaps more damaging is denying and curtailing the objective and remedial/reparative medical help that can make a world of difference and help them live fulfilled lives that are closer to what their biology objectively and predominantly indicates.

Charles Premkumar Joseph earned a post-professional masters in cardiopulmonary physical therapy from the Christian Medical College and Hospital in Vellore, India, where he then served as clinician, lecturer, and researcher. Curious to explore and understand mind-body interactions, he went on to complete a masters in psychology as well. His passion for rehabilitating the soul in addition to the body and mind led him to join RZIM as a writer and itinerant speaker. Motivated by a desire to understand the spirit/soul aspects of personhood, he attained Master's in Christian Apologetics from Talbot School of Theology at Biola University. Charles hopes to someday pursue doctoral studies integrating all of his body-mind-spirit learnings. He currently leads Think Christ Apologetics.